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The Pralin Dining Room is a unique design that fills the eye with the details of the wood, providing the warmth of the wood in your homes. Having wooden covered decorative cambers is enough to create an unusual atmosphere in your home. Having large compartments in the console and the showcase provides practical use. With its eyeful structure, this design, which is among the first preferences of those who want to own it, uses special connection metals to secure the table. The legs of the table are made of wood and the console and the showcase are decorated with decorative wooden cambers.

Product Width (cm) Depth (cm) Height (cm) Weight (KG) Volume (M3) Package
Console 225 48 80 121 0,39 5
Table 200 100 77 59 0,28 2
Chair (6 pieces) 50 62 90 20 0,45 3
Showcase 115 47 135 91 0,13 5
Mirror 155 5 79 66 0,15 1